1-on-1 Sessions



Through our 1-on-1 sessions I can show you how you can:

Start feeling good in your body TODAY

Heal your relationship with food so you can stop obsessing about food, body, weight

Start to trust yourself

Take charge of your life without having to control your food and body

Identify toxic thought patterns and replace them with thoughts that serve you

Start to treat yourself with kindness and compassion

Discover pleasure and fun in other things than food

Get rid of the all or nothing mindset

Find positive and productive coping mechanisms

Get to the root of your eating concerns and stop self-sabotaging


All this by giving you all the attention and support that you need to finally experience complete freedom around food and body.


This isn’t about willpower, calories in vs. calories out, being “in” or “out” of control or your character.


This is about YOUR LIFE and how you are meant to live it.


Because let’s face it, life is so much more than the number on the scale or the calories in your afternoon latte.


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Disclaimer: Not a substitute for medical treatment or therapy. If you have a severe eating disorder I encourage you to seek medical help.