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The only cleanse I recommend

(and it doesn’t involve any kind of leafy greens)   Comparison Culture and Social Media. A potentially hazardous combination when on the road to food freedom and body peace. I’m the first person to admit that social media is…


Love list #2

    Loooong time, no blog, but here it is! Love list #2!          If you’re struggling to eat intuitively while in eating disorder recovery. 6 Steps to Intuitive Eating and Recovery   Have you ever followed…

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Is your eating “out of control”?

Have you ever looked down at your hand going back and forth between a box of cookies and your mouth while in your head, your mind is screaming “stoooop!! What the hell are you doing!?”. I would find myself…


Love list #1

    There’s so much good stuff out there on the topic of body image, finding freedom around food, self-care etc. That’s why I’ve put together a Love List.  Hope you like it!     First up, JC Penney’s latest…


The return of bread and other moronic stories

  (Beware-irony infused rant ahead.)   $61.1 billion.   The diet industry’s estimated yearly revenue pops up every now and then in various outlets and up until now I’ve paid it no attention.   Firstly, because I have a…