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Is your eating “out of control”?

Have you ever looked down at your hand going back and forth between a box of cookies and your mouth while in your head, your mind is screaming “stoooop!! What the hell are you doing!?”. I would find myself…


Love list #1

    There’s so much good stuff out there on the topic of body image, finding freedom around food, self-care etc. That’s why I’ve put together a Love List.  Hope you like it!     First up, JC Penney’s latest…


The return of bread and other moronic stories

  (Beware-irony infused rant ahead.)   $61.1 billion.   The diet industry’s estimated yearly revenue pops up every now and then in various outlets and up until now I’ve paid it no attention.   Firstly, because I have a…


Food as a coping mechanism

  What if eating that pint of ice cream because your boss made you feel incompetent was completely justified? What if you were actually doing the best you could when you tried to starve away the anxiety that had been…