Love list #2



Loooong time, no blog, but here it is! Love list #2!





10stepsheart If you’re struggling to eat intuitively while in eating disorder recovery.

6 Steps to Intuitive Eating and Recovery


10stepsheartHave you ever followed a diet concocted by a doctor? *raises hand*

Fortunately for me I could never seem to even follow through on Phase one, out of (often) four, of the plan.



10stepsheart If you think you have to be totes in love with your body, think again.    

The opposite of hating our bodies doesn’t have to be loving them.



10stepsheartKaila Prins nails it!

5 Ways to Be an Ally to Your Partner’s Eating Disorder Recovery (And Avoid Triggering Them).



10stepsheartAttention, teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That.



10stepsheartI beautiful piece to inspire you to let go of things that no longer have purpose or meaning in your life.

She Let Go. {Poem}



10stepsheart“Your body is not your masterpiece — your life is.” 

Wisdom a la Glennon at



10stepsheartAnd last, but not least, who doesn’t love themselves some cute bopo images!

“I just want to draw girls how they are. Some girls are skinny, some others are fat, some girls have a big belly, some girls have small boobs, and sometimes we appear to have hairy legs, that’s just normal.” says the artist



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