Who’s Really the expert?

The "Starting Monday" Series

In trying to resolve our food and body issues we search the internet, read countless books, listen to podcasts, all in the hopes of getting that “expert” tip that might “fix” us and our “out of control” eating. I am all for trying new things in the name of true health and happiness but when we start to feel that long list of “failed” diet or exercise attempts becoming a burden it’s time to start questioning the validity of living your life according to someone else’s instructions.

And do what, you ask? Drop the need to try to fix yourself and appoint yourself the new expert of YOU.



  • Because  you are a grown up(even though you still jump for joy when a new Pixar movie comes out) AND the master of your own life(whether you like it or not!). You don’t need anyone’s permission to eat what you want or make dancing around your house your daily exercise regime.
  • Because  these “experts” don’t know you, your life or your body. The person who invented the Cabbage soup diet never met you, never will(and thank god for that- punch in the face waiting to happen).
  • Because  the time and energy it takes you to research the latest diet books on Amazon keeps you from striking up a conversation with your body about its true needs and wants.
  • Because  in a misguided attempt to “lose weight because you will like yourself more” going on yet another diet will probably have you end more miserable than before….and I’m guessing your not a fan of being miserable(?).
  • Because  “this too shall pass”. Our bodies and minds are always changing, simple fact of life. What might be a good tactic today might not be tomorrow and the only way you can discover that is by staying open to what your body and mind might need in any given moment(or at least any give day).
  • Because  being your own boss is just so damn empowering! Nuff said.
  • Because  answering when your body calls leads to wonderful things. Despite your beliefs around your body’s trustworthiness, your body is not conspiring against you, it truly wants what’s best for you. So when you start to answer its calls for food, rest, movement and fun it will surely reciprocate with new found energy, peace of mind and general wellbeing-ness.


Sound good? Yes? Then close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask your body “what do you need right now”?


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